Last steps to graduation

Submission of the list of exams (Prüfungspass)

If you have passed all the necessary exams please contact Rita Gratzer.


Upload and submission of the MA-Thesis

Upload the MA-Thesis as a pdf Hochschulserver (HoPla). Please follow the instructions for the title page

Submit the Masterthesis as a hardcover in the SSC with all the necessary documents:

  • Masterthesis, twice, hardcover, both sides printed
  • Upload-confirmation
  • graduate degrees (proven by diploma or letter of recognition)

You will be notified about the receipt of the assessment by the SSC via e-mail on your u:account.

Registration for the final exam

Fix date and time with your first and second examiner, fill out the form and hand it in at least three weeks before the exam. If you have any questions please contact Rita Gratzer.


After the final exam

You will be notified by e-mail to your unet-account as soon as you can personally pick degree certificate and letter of recognition in the SSC. This happens around 2-4 weeks after the exam. With a written power of attorney the documents can also be picked up by another person.

You can register to an academic graduation ceremony via U:SPACE.